how to prepare for rain on your wedding day

Wet weather wedding planning tips that will ensure rain on your wedding day doesn’t make it a washout!

A wet weather wedding may seem like a disaster at first, but don’t let poor weather conditions rain on your parade. While it’s not ideal if you plan to marry outside, with a little preparation and flexibility, you can embrace the positives of rain on your wedding day.


A damp forecast is far from the doom and gloom it is often associated with. Take it as a sign of good fortune, plan for all eventualities and in no time you’ll be dancing in the rain!

bride and groom in the rain
rainy wedding day
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rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck and signifies that the marriage will last. But, if the forecast is unfavourable it might not feel all that lucky. While many couples hope for sunshine, no matter what time of year you plan to marry, the Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable.


When I speak to couples ahead of their big day, the weather always comes up. Brides and grooms seem to monitor the weather forecast in the lead-up to their wedding day, checking to see what Mother Nature has in store for them, as though their lives depend on it. When they see an ominous report, they tend to feel deflated or go into panic mode.


Having been a photographer for over six years, I completely understand their concerns. Naturally, couples want the day of their dreams to unfold exactly as they’ve envisioned. They want a spectacular ceremony entrance, the perfect confetti shot and to party with their guests in celebration of their nuptials. And they want beautiful photographs to capture every moment to fondly look back on in years to come! They worry that drizzle, or worse – a downpour, will dampen their day. What they don’t know is that I have five wet weather planning tips to make inclement weather work in their favour.


Here are my top tips for throwing a wonderful wedding whatever the weather…


When it comes to the weather, hope for the best but plan for the worst. A wet weather wedding will go off without a hitch if you’re prepared. Invest in white umbrellas for you and your guests. These can make fun props in wedding photographs as well as keep everyone dry. From bridal party pictures to romantic couple’s portraits. Sharing a brolly in the rain with your new husband or wife can create a great photo opportunity – especially with dramatic backlighting!


If you are hoping to say ‘I do’ in an outdoor wedding ceremony, make sure you have a backup plan. If the heavens open at the last minute you need to be able to quickly change to an indoor ceremony. And it’s not just wet weather that can play havoc. Be aware that blustery conditions can make an outdoor ceremony almost impossible, too.

Embrace the unexpected

Rain on your wedding day doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, a wet weather wedding day is a symbol of good luck. Getting married is often referred to as tying the knot. When knots become wet they are almost impossible to untie. Therefore, the adage is that rain on a wedding day will ensure the marriage is ever-lasting. So instead of letting a few drops dampen your spirits, embrace the unexpected and view it as an opportunity to add a touch of romance to your celebration.


One of the most important aspects of planning for rain on your wedding day is flexibility. Be prepared to adapt your timeline and make last-minute adjustments to avoid the worst of the weather. Remember, it's not just about having the perfect plan but being able to roll with the punches and make the most of whatever comes your way.

You can come back to certain events in your timeline at a later point. For example, if it’s pouring when you finish the ceremony you might have to abandon the confetti moment. But you can walk through a shower of flower petal confetti before you sit down for your wedding breakfast instead. Remain flexible and make the wet weather work!


When you’re choosing a wedding venue, find one where you love the indoor areas as much as the gardens. If there is rain on your wedding day, embrace the indoor spaces. Create a cosy atmosphere inside, with twinkling fairy lights and flickering candles. Then you won’t be disappointed with your surroundings while you take shelter from the rain.


Have a site visit with your photographer and plan where to capture images in different scenarios. Together, you can wander around your venue, finding the perfect backdrops for romantic photographs both inside and out. Discuss all eventualities and come up with a loose plan.


You only get to have your special day once. If there is a spot of rain on your wedding day, go with it! I will still encourage you to go outside for photographs. Taking pictures in the rain can be fun. Try not to worry about getting wet or your dress getting a little dirty. Be flexible with your poses and embrace your wet weather wedding.


Dark clouds and moody skies often result in dramatic pictures. Grey skies give a lovely soft light, perfect for photography. The wind can create a gorgeous movement through wedding dresses and veils. You never know, you might even be lucky enough to spot a rainbow between the clouds!



Planning for rain on your wedding day may seem like a daunting task, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can turn a potential setback into a beautiful experience. Embrace the unexpected, find the silver linings and plan the perfect wet weather wedding…

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