Me & Photography

I'm Jon, husband father and photographer.

I found Photography by accident. Never in a million years would I have guessed 10 years ago that this would be my passion and the thing that I wanted to do with my life. In 2015 after our son was born, Linzi bought me a proper camera as I had said that I wanted to be able to take nice pictures of our kids growing up and from there, it became more than a hobby. I was doing something most weekends, walking up hills, chasing sun sets and sun rises just learning how to take good photos and how cameras work.

Then in 2017 I had something of a wake up call and for the second time, at only 32 years old, I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer and I vowed that when I pulled through it I would do something with my life that I loved... that thing was documenting people's love stories.

Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer

The real stuff...

So if you're still reading here's some more. The only thing I love more than being a photographer is being a Dad. Our son has an ASD and our parenting journey to date has been anything but typical, but it's been fascinating and has made us better people, and better parents for our new arrival.

I've got a noisy dog who will lick you to death if she gets hold of you, a diabetic cat who malts all over my furniture and requires injections twice a day.

Although I take your photography seriously, my health scares have made me much more laid back about life in general, and have made me incredibly easy going, curious, and I love to get to know new people. Parents love me. I love to make people laugh and love watching comedies. (The Office (both versions), Brooklyn 99, Schitt's Creek, FRIENDS)

I believe, and know, that they key to your amazing Wedding Photography is making sure you enjoy yourself.

I am a Costa vanilla latte junkie and plan my route to Weddings around where I can stop for a Costa Express. I currently have 4 free cups to claim but I never go to a Costa shop.

I'm 37 and in denial about aging so I get my hair cut every 2 weeks keep the grey hairs hidden as much as possible

I keep ketchup in the cupboard, not the fridge, because I'm normal.