When it comes to such an important decision, for such an important life event, no question is a silly question You’ve probably never done this before, and that’s fine. I have. Many times. I’m going to look out for you.

Great Wedding Photography is about more than just the ability to take a good photo. It's important that whoever your choose can demonstrate professionalism , reliability and leave you feeling like every base is covered and that nothing can stand in the way of you receiving the Wedding Photography experience that you deserve. You’re not just investing financially, you’re investing emotionally— placing your trust in someone to preserve everything that is meaningful about your Wedding day.

I’ve put these FAQs together to share some of the questions that I’m often asked when planning Wedding photography with my couples. There might be something useful in there for you, if not and you have other questions you can email or DM me and we can talk more. I’d love to hear from you.

Wedding photographer in Somerset


How does booking work

Complete the form on the contact page to let me know that you're looking. I'll give you a call to break the ice before inviting yout to a consultation. The consultation is a stirght forward, relaxed, zoom call where I'll tell you all about how I work and achieve the results that you're looking for. At the end I quote you and allow you to make a decision in your own time and space.

Will we meet before our Wedding day?

Yes. It is important to me that we have met via Zoom at least ahead of you booking, we’ll likely meet for a consultation. And then we meet at least one more time before your Wedding day, but more if you like And, on top of that, we can meet, email, chat, IM as much a you like—I’m not a lawyer, I don’t charge per letter.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Yeovil in South Somerset, but cover the whole of the South West of the UK

When will we get our photos?

Between 6-10 weeks for your final full delivery of your collection of images.

However, in between that you will be given a short preview in an online gallery within 48 hours of approx. 25 images, so you’ll have plenty to see and share with friends and family almost immediately after your day.

I’ve heard of equipment failing and photographers losing images! That won’t happen will it?

No. I repeat. No! My cameras carry dual memory cards—so everything backs up immediately in case of card failure or the unlikely event of losing one. When they are full, or when I am finished, these come out of the camera and into a safe memory card wallet and remain on my person. Then, when I leave your Wedding they are immediately exported to 2 hard drives. By the end of your day, your images are safe on 4 storage devices.

I don’t like my (insert body part here) very much, can you photoshop it?

Nearly everyone has a feature that they are self conscious of. Mine are my teeth, my chin(s), and stomach, the fact I’ve got one ear bigger than the other, and the list goes on. There are plenty of ways to photograph features that people are self conscious of so that images flatter, and do not draw attention to.
So, the best thing we can do is get to know each other, tell me what you want me to be conscious of and I can shoot in a way that flatters you. I want you to look and feel great. If you book, we’ll send you a ‘Getting to know you’ questionnaire so that you we can learn this about you and plan to get you the very best photography.

When is payment required?

Once your deposit has been paid, the remaining balance of your invoice is due 14 days before your Wedding.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by BACS, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

How many pictures will I receive?

Depending on your Wedding collection, between 350 and 700, approximately.

How do I secure my date?

We take a booking fee of £200. This if course is deducted from your full balance. This secures your date Wedding date. Booking fees are non refundable.

Will you be the one photographing our Wedding?

Yes. Most of the time, but we are able to offer the same great experience and photography with one of our associates.

What about printing?

You will receive full print rights to all of your digital images.

We do have an online print store that will be available to you source professional quality prints from our partner printing lab and we highly recommend those, but you are free to print as you please.

From 2023 a complimentary album design is included in your Wedding collection so that you can envisage how your Wedding will look in one of our stunning albums.

What about a second photographer?

For large Weddings, where there are over around 100 guests, a second photographer is a great idea to add more coverage, angles and perspectives of you day. This will be an option that we discuss during a Wedding consultation to see if it's right for you.

Do you do formal group shots? / Do I have to do formal group shots? How many can I have?

Yes, I do formal group shots at Weddings, but you don’t have to have them if you don’t want them. It’s your Wedding, no one else's. Have what you want. When it comes to how many; have as many as you like—the only thing that you need to consider is time. There isn’t an abundance of spare time on a Wedding day and what's most important to me is that you're maximising the amount of time that you're enjoying time with your friends and family.

Do I have to have an engagement shoot?

No. They are available but are not required as part of your Wedding collection. I recommend that couples consider it though as they are a great way for us to get to know each other even better and for you to get more comfortable
in front of the camera for your big day.