Donna & Chris - 2020 to 2021


Having postponed their original 2020 Wedding date I was delighted to see Donna and Chris finally get to tie the knot at the huge and exquisite St Mary’s Church in Taunton. We’re really luck in the UK to have such history in our churches. As a photographer they make for great photography and you can always tell when Wedding photos are quintessentially British like you can with Donna and Chris’s ceremony shots.


I love large churches and long church ceremonies. They give me lots of time to explore all angles, possibilities and lens options to get a nice variety of photos to tell the story of the Ceremony and the endless features give me plenty to work with to include ambient detail and memories of what it felt like to be there. They’re never the best lit places in the world, but you take the rough with the smooth.  This church is massive and the vicar was happy for me to go anywhere, as long as I didn’t distract from the ceremony so I was able to walk the whole perimeter of the church and get wide angle, shots, long lens shots, detail shots and have a couple of lens changes in between to allow more variety.


Sadly, on the 7th August, it then hammered with rain as it was time to leave for Crowcombe Court for their Wedding celebrations. Fortunately this photographer comes prepared and had 2 brollies to get Bridesmaid to their transport nice and dry!  

The Amazing Crowcombe Court

Crowcombe Court is a venue that had been on my list of places that I wanted to shoot for such a long time. Thankfully Donna and Chris gave me the opportunity to work here with them and I was able to experience Crowcombe Court and all that it offers – It’s amazing surroundings, beautiful architecture, stunning period décor topped off by a truly first class Wedding breakfast. Offering amazing scenery and a beautiful period property as the location for your Wedding celebrations is one thing, but there are loads of venues that have this. What sets Crowcombe Court apart for me is that every single member of the team is committed to delivering a first class Wedding experience to their couples. Right through from the bar staff to Michael, the General Manager who was giving Sophie a much needed day off.

Crowcombe Court gets everything absolutely right and the food is amazing (best food I’ve had at a venue, by a stretch). Indoor or outdoor ceremonies, room outside for garden game and entertainment, accommodation for guests… oh and it’s stunning. Did I mention that?!

And if the outside of the property isn’t enough, the inside is also stunning. It gives you great options for some beautiful couples shots inside and outside so Donna Chris and I made use of both! And then, the Undercroft offers a very unique and featuresque experience for amazing photos at your evening do. The only area I wasn’t able to see in action is their new bridal prep area, which has been custom built to accommodate their Bridal parties with beautiful fresh white walls and interior that make for great photography too. (Next time Crowcombe, next time!)

It is an absolute fairy tale Wedding venue. If you are looking for a venue and Crowcombe is near you, check this place out. If it’s not near you, check it out anyway! It’s worth it for so many reasons! If you do go, maybe you could grab the flash stand that I left there? 😊

Michael and the Crowcombe court team

Thanks to the venue

Here's Michael, the General Manager showing exactly why he's in charge. He can do this to an expensive bottle of booze and not break it!

Thanks Michael and to your team for providing an amazing experience for me and my client. I can't wait to come back.
Insta: @crowcombecourt