Choosing whether or not to hire two photographers for your wedding can be challenging, but in some situations, doing so will ensure you get the best possible coverage of your special day.

But why is it necessary to employ a second photographer in light of all of this? Why is hiring two photographers for a wedding beneficial? You have all of these thoughts running through your mind whilst wedding planning and I am going to help you finalise them.

So, how many wedding photographers do you need?

7 Reasons Why You Need Two Wedding Photographers

  • More perspective
  • First look
  • More photos
  • Speed up group shots
  • You get more time to relax
  • Your wedding day will run smoothly!
  • Communication will be on point


The groom's preparation and the bride's preparation cannot be captured by the same photographer. They can't be in the back of the ceremony taking pictures of the groom's reaction when he first sees the bride and the bride's beaming smile as she walks the aisle. 

Additionally, they are unable to get a wide shot from the back of the ceremony as well as the private moments between the bride and groom.

Two photographers allow for a wider range of perspectives and a more thorough documentation of the day.

Imagine missing your kid's dance moves because the wedding photographer is too busy capturing grandma's moves?! You want to look back on it all for all the laughs! If this doesn’t tell you how many wedding photographers you need, then I don’t know what will.

bride and father
bride in mirror
father of the bride

First look

As previously mentioned it will be sad if you do not capture both emotions of the bride and the groom. Your first look will entail lots of emotion, so you will want both of your reactions to be captured. 

More Photos

Having two photographers will result in a lot more photos being taken. This means that more of those magical moments will be captured on your wedding day, making it easier for you to retell the events of your special day.

Speed Up Group Shots

Candid moments are captured for the majority of your day, but we also understand how crucial it is to have a photo of the entire family.

This is just one of the many ways a second photographer may speed things up, as we don't want to keep you away from your celebrations for too long.

You get more time to relax

When only one photographer is available to take photos of everything, important moments cannot happen at the same time. In order to accommodate all of the happenings during your day, having one photographer may need you to stretch your timeline and pay for additional hours of coverage. 

With two photographers, you can photograph the most important moments of the day simultaneously or twice as fast!

Your wedding day will run smoothly!

Second photographers are excellent for capturing the entire emotion of your special day as well as keeping your timeline running smoothly.

The guys will be on time throughout the day if you keep a second photographer with the groom, while your lead photographer stays with the bride to ensure the same.

Not to mention how invaluable a second photographer is when taking family portraits! They are fantastic at organising your family and gathering them together.

Communication will be on point

Communication between the two photographers is great! In order to prevent the groom from accidentally seeing the bride before their special moment, second shooters are experts at creating a distraction.

When brides walk about the venue for photos, this greatly reduces their anxiety about being seen.

Ready to book your photographers?

I know how stressful wedding planning can be, so questioning every single detail is important to create your perfect day. Ask as many questions as you can, because you do not want anything going the wrong way.

If you would like to enquire about my wedding photography services, you can do here. I also offer the option to add on a second photographer, now you know how many wedding photographers you need to make the most of your wedding day!