These guys are truly remarkable. Married at the 4th attempt due to a pandemic and health scares, I could not have been more touched to be the person to capture their St Audries Park Wedding. Tash & Chris celebrated an amazing day at the one I was the lucky Somerset Wedding Photographer who got to share in their day.

St Audries Park Wedding
St Audries Park Wedding
St Audries Park Wedding


September might be my favourite month for Weddings. It's not too warm, but not cold, you get softer light which I obviously love for photos and it's all around more comfortable for everyone. It also means that sunsets are a little earlier which works well for couples with photography packages that cover up until their first dance as the sunset usual comes a little earlier and gives them a better opportunity for beautiful golden hour photos.

Unfortunately for us it was a slightly overcast day and we weren't blessed with a golden hour, but we did have some lovely soft light in the evening to do some couples portraits with Tash & Chris.

At St Audries Park though there are so many features to tie in to your photography that there is always plenty of opportunity to be creative for couples and get them some really awesome stuff that really adds something cool to their wedding photography. We used some off camera flash to light up the entry archway which helped us create something fun and dynamic that really stood out and was original - I'd not seen a similar image before using this feature of the venue.

St Audries Park Wedding
St Audries Park Wedding
St Audries Park Wedding
bride and groom st audries
wedding ring close up st audries
bride & groom kiss st audries
st audries arch

The unmistakeable orangery

One of the most recognisable features of St Audries Park is the orangery, where their ceremonies are held. It provides the most amazing light from all directions and is a photographers dream, and means that whatever the weather couples are guaranteed great photography (the importance of light cannot be underestimated).

For Tash & Chris , Holly from Effortless Elegance made the orangery look absolute STUNNING! A huge floral arch, accompanied by a petals styling Tash and her bridesmaid's aisle walk. The white and green colour palette in the styling really was impeccable.

changing scenery

I think the thing I love the most in particular about St Audries Park as a Somerset Wedding Photographer is that each part of the day takes place in a different part of the venue.

The ceremony is in the orangery, drinks receptions tend to take place outside surrounded by a stunning gardens and landscape, and Wedding breakfasts take place in the dining hall before the evening culminates in the spectacular Grand Hall. Prior to all of this the Bride and Groom rooms are stunning for cover preparations!

As a photographer I love it as it provides lots of variety and when curating a Wedding collection for my clients and it means that I always have a different space and different lighting to continuously work more creatively and challenge myself to find new shots, angles and perspectives.

St Audries Park has so many different views angles and unique features to really add a special dimensions to client Wedding collections. It's an ideal location to have a second photography like we did here to capture the same moments from different perspectives and its an amazing way to story tell and bring images together.

first looks with the girls

Bridal reveals are becoming a real staple within Wedding photography in the UK. I think initially inspired by Bride & Groom first looks which have always been big in the U.S. I'm all for them! They're a great, genuine and truly emotional moment and can involve parents too.

Some people opt to have separate bridesmaids and parents reveals, and some do all of those people together - both are amazing moments and some of my favourite moments as a Wedding photographer. The reactions of these ladies did not disappoint! Kudos to Sam (my video colleague from Pixaplace Weddings) who set the mirror up perfectly to include both Tash's reaction and her father and bridesmaids. It was a really special moment and was one of those that you could really feel and made you realise how privileged you are to share these moments with people.

For anyone seeking a photographer: Your photographer should be helping you plan moments just like these and making the most of every opportunity to create these once in a lifetime moments in the run up to your Wedding day. With the right approach planning and communication your bridal reveal should be co-ordinated and not a last minute decision on the day that throws your timeline out! We the right preparation it's very easy to create space for moments like this.

It takes a few minutes of having everyone ready and in the right place at the right time, which doesn't sound like a huge deal, but there's a lot going on during a Wedding morning and helping ensure that those people are 'in the know' and know that it's taking place is all that's needed, it just needs to be done in advance and not 10 minutes before you walk down the aisle!

I work this and other moments into my pre wedding consultations with all of my couples so that this and all of the big moments of truth are considered in their photography - You do it once, some moments last a split second and the ground work before hand is the thing that ensures that we are prepared and can capture genuine and authentic moments.

So if you're reading this and planning your Wedding, it's an epic once in a lifetime moment. If you don't plan for it and end up not being able to do it, I personally think you're missing something really awesome.

st audries first look

smoke bombs with the bridal party

Is there anything cooler and more bada$$ than strutting with your gang holding on to smoke bombs?


Not only do the pictures look cool, they're even cooler on video!

St audries wedding
st audries bridal party

There's more....

see some more...

You can view a full preview of Tash & Chris's gallery below.... enjoy. I was so pleased with what they got from me; work that I was truly proud of. It was a result of doing a lot of the right things before the Wedding, and the couple being able to trust me and proceed with enjoying their Wedding day. A small investment of time with your photographer ahead of your Wedding yields a huge return in not only your peace of mind just knowing that they 'get it' but ensuring that things run really smoothly for you on your Wedding day.

SUpplier shout outs

The rest of the amazing suppliers who brought this Wedding to life are listed below. It was a blast working with them all.

Venue - St Audries Park

Video - Pixaplace Weddings

Venue Styling - Effortless Elegance

Floristry - Frogmary Flowers

Hair and Makeup - Sammy England and The Beautiful Bride Company

Cake - Jessica's Cakes and Bakes

Smoke Bombs - Enola Gaye Grenade co.