Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you want to be perfect. Understandably! You want every moment to go without a hitch and for it to all run smoothly.

Being stressed is the last thing you want on your wedding day. There is already enough emotion involved; the last thing you need is additional anxiety or fear brought on by an unplanned schedule.

So, creating a wedding day timeline and planning the important moments accordingly is important. Don’t miss a certain aspect because you haven’t slotted it into your timeline!

If you want certain moments to be captured by your wedding photographer, you need to plan this and discuss it with them, this will assist us in capturing that specific moment for you.

Here are some important moments to consider for your wedding day.

Moments to Consider For Your Wedding Day 

Couples prep

Your dress reveal

Coming down the aisle

Bouquet toss

Group photos

First dance

First look


Boogying the night away!

Couples prep

The anticipated moments before you say your vows and see each other are spent getting ready. This moment can feel very nerve-wracking but also exciting. But, you are most probably spending time getting ready with your closest family and friends, right? 

This is an important moment to consider for your wedding day and capturing them is vital to tell your wedding day story from start to end.

Consider having two photographers so they can photograph both sides of your Wedding.

Your dress reveal

Have you thought about a dress reveal? If so, have you considered who you will be revealing your dress to? Who’s reaction do you want to capture at that moment?

Some people want this moment with their mum, their dad, their bridesmaids or all of the above. But then you have to consider who is going to put you in your dress. 

If you decide that you want your mum to put you in your dress then she can't be in the dress reveal.

Once you are certain about this, let your photographer know before your wedding day, so they can note it and capture it!

Coming down the aisle

What sort of shot would you like, when you walk down the aisle? There are many possibilities here.

I love a wide-angle shot of the bride from behind and her venue and guests but some people want the groom's reaction also. It is not easy to get both so this is why hiring two wedding photographers for your day is a good investment and this is why I offer this service too.

Walking down the aisle is a big and emotional part of your day, so capturing the groom shedding a tear and the guests with the biggest grins and reactions on their faces is something you do not want to miss!

If you think about it, this is an important moment to consider for your wedding day, because you are so in the moment that you won’t get to see their reactions. Therefore, wedding photography is a great way to look back on all those missed moments.

Bouquet toss

Yes, some people still do them! So if this is an important moment for you on your wedding day, then do it. If you love a bit of tradition then this is a fun idea, that the bride and her guests love participating in.

Remember, if this is an important moment you want to capture on your wedding day, tell your photographer, so we are at the right place at the right time. This makes for such a fun shot!

Group Photos

If these are well thought out and well organised it can dictate if couples enjoy their drinks reception or whether it's an utter drag. This is an important moment to consider for your wedding day if you want everyone in the wedding album.

However, you need to slot in these specific shots on your wedding timeline and discuss them with your photographer.

If you do this, then it will run smoothly and it won’t be a drag!

I recommend keeping it short for bridal parties and immediate families and grandparents, to save the big hassle of getting everyone together, with the help of the bridesmaid and groom. 

Making sure everyone knows ahead of time that they are involved in these shots is important too.

First Dance

If you plan to dance together for 10 seconds before calling all of your guests up to join you, you will probably only get one photo. It is important to give us a chance to capture a few photos, so do not rush it!

Take your time, enjoy the moment and you will be blessed with fairytale photos. 

First Look

If you are looking to break the “traditions” on your wedding day then a first look moment is very romantic and intimate. If you plan to do a first look in a location of your choice, let the photographer know so we can capture the emotional moment for you.


Meal time is usually the part when everyone sits down, starts to relax and chats away to the guests at their table. You get some of the best wedding photos here, as we get lots of laughs and smiles! 

Your tables will be set out beautifully too, so I am sure you want to capture every little detail. You have spent a lot of time and money to perfect your day, so you need every important moment to be in the wedding album.

Boogying the night away!

Now, this is where everyone completely lets loose. You have a few too many drinks, the emotions are high and you are listening to all of your favourite tunes! 

This is a moment to consider for your wedding day and capturing it is vital to looking back at those blurred moments and seeing grandma busting her best moves on the dance floor! 

Decide, slot them into your timeline and communicate!

You will not get to see every single moment of your wedding day. You will be so caught up in the moment that you will miss certain people's reactions and emotions as well as the funny moments. Especially if you have a bigger guest list!

These are some of the important moments to consider for your wedding day. Now, write them all down, slot them into your wedding timeline and communicate this with your photographer so they can capture every important moment for you, to look back on.