bridesmaids at St Audries Park Wedding Venue

Capturing Your Big Day Perfectly

Weddings are incomplete without a photographer because once the celebration ends, there are only two things that will serve as a reminder of your big day – your ring and your photographs. Your photographs tell the tale of the most important day of your life, and I ensure the story honours your emotions and feelings that go into the wedding.

I don’t just photograph people, but I capture genuine, in the moment emotion so that whenever you walk down memory lane, it is not just your mind that travels back in time, your eyes see it and your heart feels it.

Your Go-To Wedding Photographer in Taunton

I make wedding photography effortless. There is no pretence and no awkward posing. Instead, I try to create something unique and personal that reflects you and your relationship so that your wedding photos will always be treasured in the years to come. As your creative Taunton wedding photographer, I produce images in a relaxed, organic, and spontaneous way.

The emotions that flow on that special day deserve to be crowned in their raw and profound form and I catprue these seeking interaction and movement, not through llst of static, awkward posing to create, organic, authentic perfect wedding photography.

Creating Intimate, Documentary Style Photography

For me, getting to know the people I am photographing is always important. So my consultation and client booking process help me get to know you as a couple and make you comfortable for me to capture the most candid, natural, and emotion-laden photos that truly reflect you, your amazing Wedding and your guests.

By getting to know you, I make sure that the real you comes out to play and is wholly present in the moment. When you let out the real you, it is then that the real essence of the moment is snapped, creating photos that sing to you tomorrow and in the years to come.

Enjoy Your Day to Your Heart’s Content

You won’t find me hovering over your head, shouting instructions. But, you can be yourself and have a wonderful time with your partner and your guests so that I get the most natural and candid shots that perfectly reflect the essence of the day.

My photos take you right back in time and remind you of how you felt at that moment, how the sun peeped through the clouds as you walked down the aisle, the colour of the sky, and the sound of your excited best friends cheering as you walk into dinner and all other little moments that add up to make your story rich and full. You also have photo shoots where I guide you every once in a while, but there is no cheesing or awkward posing. It is just you being with your better half and enjoying your big day.


Pre-shoots are a perfect way to get to know each other. It helps me to know you better so that I understand your requirements. Plus, it serves as a rehearsal where you get the idea of what to expect on the wedding day.

I try my best to make your special day more joyous and gift you a reminder that transports you back to your wedding every time you go through it. You can book the best wedding photographer in Taunton by reaching out to me on my business number or by email.

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