The speed of life

As I sit designing this website in July 2021, my son is 6, and our second child is due to join us in December 2021. And... I honestly couldn't tell you where the last 6 years have gone. I've been fortunate as photographer to be able to capture many beautiful memories of my son, Caden (right), and will continue to as our family grows.

We're busy families, with busy lives, and If you don't stop once in a while, and really take it in, it'll all pass you by before you know it.

Making it matter...

Family photography sessions are about capturing, and preserving everything that is unique and meaningful about your family at that very point in time. Kids, families and even adults grow and change. And it can happen quickly. Family photos are the things that help us reconnect with the past, who our families were, how the kids cheeky grins and character made us feel in years to come. Memories like no other.

Everlasting family memories...

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